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So, how would you like to get paid for blowing smoke?

Now you can do just that and you don't have to be an attorney!

Smoke testing is a great way to find leaks in the DWV system. If your customer is complaining of an awful odor you can find it if it's coming from the DWV system. You can also prove that the DWV system is ok.

Here, I will describe how to build and use your very own No Patent Pending But Still Pretty Professional Smoke Blower..  Enjoy.


Disclaimer: This device is cobbled together using ordinary parts and gadgets. It does not have UL, OSHA or Good Housekeeping endorsements or approvals. I have no control over how much common sense you might posses and as such, I can't control the quality of your construction abilities. Build it and use it at your own risk and don't come whining to me if you cut your finger or get smoke in your eyes.


The illustrated guide to building your own, No Patent Pending But Still Pretty Professional Smoke Blower.

Using your NPPBSPPSB

Parts List

The scattered parts view.

The assembled parts view.

All the parts stuffed inside.

It all fits inside, nice and neat.